For the fifth time in Marijampolė, Cultural Capital of Lithuania ’18, between June 29th and July 6th “Sveikatingumo idėjos” is organizing the art symposium “Malonny”, short for “New York, London, Marijampolė – Migration of Ideas”. The mentor and developer of the Symposium is the famous Ray Bartkus – New York based artist of the Lithuanian origin.

While Lithuania is celebrating its centennial of the restored state of Lithuania, the “Sveikatingumo idėjos” team together with main partner – Marijampole municipality,  “Sveikatingumo idėjos”, “Statybos ritmas”, “Embassy of United States of America” is already preparing its ambitious plans in Marijampolė. Ray Bartkus has an exceptional vision for the Cultural Capital of Lithuania – to hold a striking performance at a sugar factory, to invite to thought provoking discussions in already widely favored forums, to involve citizens in various activities, inviting them to participate in the competition for wall painting. Together with visiting artists from New York and London, “Master Class” workshops are going to be held, as well as painting on the walls of Marijampolė, the presentations of which will be stylized synthesis of different arts.

History connecting different cities…

The idea of the “Malonny” Symposium was born in Jamaica in the summer of 2011, when R. Bartkus, K. Dolatowski, E. Elysee, I. Bartkus, P. Campbell, and A. Kumža decided to unite artists from different countries and to meet annually in symposiums of free thought and fantasy, where various arts, in particular fine arts, architecture, and music, unfold. Having received a pleasant invitation from the ARVI president Vidmantas Kuccinskas and the Marijampolė Municipality, the founders chose Marijampolė as the location for the Symposium. The Symposium was dedicated to the International Architects Day, which is celebrated annually on July 1st, and turned into a citywide event. During these years “Malonny” events featured many professionals of art, urbanism, culture, philosophy, film, theater, and other experts who displayed their performances. Later “Sveikatingumo idejos” put a lot of efforts to make it more international and interesting for society.

An ambitious title spread around the world

All four Symposia were held with the ambitious title “New York, London, Marijampolė – Migration of Ideas” and its short “Malonny”. The “Malonny” Symposium, which began in 2014, has aroused great interest in Lithuania and even all around the globe. Everyone acknowledged and appreciated the good planning and implementation of events, care and organization, and the mutual understanding and coherence between the volunteers and sponsors. “Malonny” became Marijampolė’s trade mark of originality, and the wall paintings quickly became tourist attractions, ideas expressed turned into the pioneers of new projects and changes.


Undoubtedly, the Symposium has helped the city of Marijampolė to earn name of a culture city. For the first time ever, the image from Lithuania has appeared on the cover of the National Geographic Lithuania magazine. This is Ray Barkaus’s work – “The Flowing Life”. This painting has been seen by millions of art lovers all around the world.

The Flowing Life by Ray Bartkus

Community engagement – Migration of Ideas…

In this project, together with our country’s artist, work architects, designers, and artists of the United States and Great Britain. The Symposium brings to Lithuania and Marijampolė the latest ideas of global art, here the creative powers and potential are exchanged. The works created at the Symposium and the organization of forums prove the fact that Marijampolė is an innovative city where new ideas and challenges are welcomed.