2018 June 01 – 17  Contest for mural sketch. More information in section: contest.

2018 06 29-  07 04 Artists Ray Bartkus, Will Teather, Ianthe Jackson, Jeff Woodbury, Rachel Bacon an the winner of contest will create murals on walls located in Marijampolė’s historic district.

2018 06 29 (Friday) Opening. Performance – “FIVE” (WITH INVITATIONS).

Place – Production facilities of “Lietuvos cukrus”

2018 07 02 (Monday) An evening with the artists of New York and London. A conversation about creativity and life philosophy. Presentations of the artists’ works.


– Curator of “Malonny”, artist Ray Bartkus (New York, Lithuania)

– Artist Will Teather (London)

– Artist Ianthe Jackson (New York)

– Artist Jeff Woodbury (New York)

– Artist Rachel Price Bacon (New York)

Place –  Club premises of “Lietuvos cukrus” (P. Arminas st. 65)

Time – 6 PM

Free entry

2018 07 03 (Tuesday) International symposium for architects and urbanists, forum – “Cities of the future”.

In this forum, we will look at global urban perspectives from different angles and raise questions about the changes of human habitats, particularly in cities, which courageous urban decisions are established and which are fogotten, what are we trying to preserve, and what are we demolishing? A wider philosophical questions will also be raised: what does it mean for a person to live in a city? What do projections of six out of seven people living in the city by 2050 mean for us?

Moderator – philosopher Justas Kučinskas


– Curator of “Malonny”, artist Ray Bartkus (New York, Lithuania)

– architect, leader and singer of “Antis”, one of the initiators of the Lithuanian Sąjūdis Algirdas Kaušpėdas (Vilnius)

– Urbanism expert Paul Campbell (London)

– Philosopher Prof. Naglis Kardelis (Vilnius)

Place – Conference hall of hotel “Mercure Marijampole” (J. Basanavičius sq. 8, Marijampole)

Time – 6 PM

Free entry

2018 07 05 (Thursday) From picture to picture. The premiere of the tourist route – the presentation of wall paintings. Artists’ presentations.

Moderator – Ray Bartkus

Place – along the route of the painting, starts at hotel “Mercure”. (J. Basanavičius sq. 8)

Time – 4.30 – 6 PM

2018 07 05 (Thursday) 19 h forum  – “Our city: past, present, prospects”.

Identity of the city, hints of the Sūduva past, urban culture, urban spaces and their function. What happens when a space is created for a specific purpose?

Moderator – philosopher Justas Kučinskas (Marijampolė, Vilnius)


– Curator of “Malonny”, artist Ray Bartkus (New York, Lithuania)

– Architect, active public figure Algirdas Žebrauskas (Telšiai, Lietuva)

– Head of the department of architecture and urbanism of the Marijampolė Municipality Arvydas Bekeris (Marijampolė)

– Educator of history, public and political figure Benjaminas Mašalaitis (Marijampolė)

– etc.

Place – Beatričė Kleizaitė-Vasaris gallery, Synagogue (P. Butlerienė st. 3)

Time – 7 PM

Free entry

2018 07 06 Ray Bartkus will present future perspective for Malonny.

Place: J. Basanavičius sq.

Time: 8:30 PM